Appendicitis in Pregnancy

Here you can read about appendicitis in pregnancy. This is a common problem in pregnant women, so you should learn more about the symptoms, treatment and possible complications. Appendicitis symptoms in pregnancy can sometimes be hard to detect. Pregnancy itself is accompanied by symptoms like nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. As we know, appendicitis is usually accompanied by similar symptoms. However, abdominal pain is different from abdominal discomfort during pregnancy. This pain occurs usually on the right side of the abdomen and gets more intense when you touch the spot.

Appendicitis in Pregnancy: What Are the Symptoms?

As we said, pregnant women often blame pregnancy for most of the problems they face. Nausea and vomiting are known to be common problems in pregnant women, so many of them do not think about other possibilities. Abdominal discomfort is also considered normal during pregnancy. Those are the reasons why appendicitis in pregnancy is diagnosed relatively late.

If left untreated, appendicitis can cause severe problems. There were cases of fatal consequences. The consequences can be fatal not only for the mother, but for the baby as well. Some women have lost their babies due to ruptured appendicitis. This is why it is extremely important to recognize the symptoms in time and start treating this condition. You should check your health regularly. If you are experiencing any kind of unusual symptoms or you are having difficulties during pregnancy, talk to your doctor immediately. Keep in mind that prompt action can save you and your child. If detected in time, appendicitis can be successfully treated.

Pregnant women are usually concerned about the appendix operation during pregnancy. Let us say more about this issue. Doctors agree that it is better to have an operation than to let appendicitis cause further complications. Ruptured appendicitis can cause death of the mother and her child as well. There is no need to compare anything to this possibility, and that brings us to conclusion that appendicitis surgery during pregnancy can be a life-saving option. Many researches have proved this fact.

If you are pregnant, you must be aware that you have to control your health regularly. If you experience any of the symptoms of appendicitis, contact your doctor. He will do all the necessary analysis to determine what the problem is. Never ignore any of the symptoms, especially the pain. Abdominal pain can indicate appendicitis and it should never be ignored.

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Appendicitis in Children

Appendicitis in children can be very traumatic experience. Appendicitis can be very dangerous condition, especially for children, since they are more sensitive than the adults are. When it comes to children, it can be hard to determine what is wrong, since they are often unable to tell you what kind of problem they actually have and where exactly they feel pain. If your kid is experiencing high fever, vomiting, nausea, bad digestion, constipation or diarrhea – all of those symptoms can indicate appendicitis. Touch your child’s abdomen (very gently) and ask him if he feels any pain. Try to locate the pain.

Never ignore these symptoms. Keep in mind that kids are usually confused and cannot tell you what they feel exactly. Take your child to your doctor. He will do all the necessary examinations and you will know what to do next. If you react in time, it will be much easier to treat it. Be patient with your child and tell him not to be scared. Appendicitis pain can be very severe and your child can get very scared. Do not talk about appendicitis surgery in front of your kid – this will only make him even more scared.

Appendicitis Symptoms in Children

We have already mentioned some of the most common appendicitis symptoms. However, there are other symptoms that can occur. You should know more about this condition, in order to detect it in time. That is the only way to help your child. Here are other symptoms of appendicitis: fever that can be mild or can go higher (up to 39 degrees); appetite loss, swollen stomach and abdominal pain. If your kid goes to bathroom very frequently and has an increased need for urinating, this can also indicate appendicitis in your child.

You cannot really prevent appendicitis in your kid, but you can take care of his general health. That way, the chances for getting appendicitis will be considerably reduced. It is extremely important to detect appendicitis symptoms in time. As we said, if you notice them in time, they will be easier to treat. Appendicitis symptoms in children are pretty much the same as in adults, but the problem is that children often fail to describe what they really feel. That is why you should take your kid to a hospital as soon as possible. That is the only way to find out what is wrong. Waiting can only make this condition worse and lead to further complications.

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Appendicitis Symptoms

What is Appendicitis

Posted on September 06th, 2010 in Appendicitis

You have probably heard about appendicitis and you must know what the appendix is; here you will find a detailed answer to the question: “What is appendicitis?” The appendix is a small part of human body which looks like a finger. It is located on the right side of a lower abdomen. What is quite […]

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Appendicitis Rupture

Here you can read about appendicitis rupture. This is a life-threatening condition, so you should be informed about appendicitis symptoms and treatment. Appendix is a tiny tube (nearly ten centimeters long), located on the right side of lower abdomen. The function of appendicitis is still unknown. Doctors often say that this small organ is something that our far ancestors have left for us, and its main function is to cause health problems. This sounds like a joke, but if you think it through, you will see it is true. There are theories that appendix should be removed right at one’s birth. This is suggested in order to avoid any problems during a person’s later life. You can see certain logics in that suggestion.

However, most of us still have appendix and we need to be well informed. Problems that can occur are serious and ruptured appendicitis is one of the most dangerous problems – this one is life-threatening.

Appendicitis is a disease that occurs because of an inflamed appendix. This condition causes intense pain in the lower abdomen, especially on the right side. The spot is sensitive to touch and the pain can get even more intense, sometimes unbearable. We have already said about the symptoms of appendicitis. Nausea, vomiting, fever, and abdominal discomfort are all possible symptoms of appendicitis. However, the pain is certainly the most severe symptom and it can indicate ruptured appendicitis. That is why it is extremely important to visit your doctor as soon as you feel the pain. Appendicitis diagnosis is not very simple. The pain can occur because of nearly anything. Therefore, you should pay more attention to other symptoms of appendicitis. On the other hand, you can even go without any other symptoms. The only way to be certain is to visit your doctor. He will do some routine examinations and determine the problem.

Ruptured Appendicitis Pain

Before appendix ruptures, the pain gets sharper and easier to locate. The pain will move towards the right side of your abdomen. Other symptoms that accompany the pain are appetite loss, nausea and abdominal discomfort. Difficulties in digestion are also possible, so as fever, diarrhea and constipation.

Complications that can occur because of ruptured appendix can be fatal. It is extremely important to prevent this. Once you feel the pain, visit your doctor immediately. If detected in time, appendix problems can be successfully solved. If you wait, it will only make things worse. There have been many deaths of ruptured appendicitis.

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Appendicitis Symptoms

Posted on January 08th, 2011 in Appendicitis

Before we describe Appendicitis symptoms, it is necessary to explain what this condition actually is. So let’s say something about Appendicitis first. Appendicitis is a medical name for appendix inflammation. This condition is rather severe and may cause serious health complications and problems, so it requires immediate intervention. When the inflammation occurs, sometimes it calls […]

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Appendicitis Recovery Time

Appendicitis recovery time is variable, depending on the person’s general health, his/her age, other problems he/she might have besides the appendix surgery and other relevant factors.

After the surgery the patient will have to spend some time under medical care and follow the instructions of his doctor. It depends on several factors: first, if the problem with appendix was not very complicated, meaning – if there wasn’t appendix bursting before the surgery – the recovery will probably last shorter. If there were other problems before or after the procedure it is understood that the recovery itself will be longer.

Recovery period lasts from one week to six weeks in some cases. Full recovery can be expected after at least four weeks but this can last up to more than six weeks, depending on the patient’s age and general condition.

If you follow the doctor’s instructions, recovery process will be successful and shorter, so you will be able to proceed with normal routine just like before the operation. Of course, there should be certain changes regarding the old habits – it is strongly recommended to eat healthy foods, have enough sleep and live a healthier life in general.

It is important to get some rest during the recovery period. Don’t do anything that requires physical exertions. Your doctor will tell you when the time is right to start walking and how long your walks should be. It also refers to your return to work or school. Be careful when making moves; move slowly and do not forget to support your stomach when you cough, laugh or doing anything that involves any contractions in your abdominal area. You will have to pay attention to your diet. Ask your doctor to tell you about the foods that will help you heal faster. Follow that regime and avoid alcohol. Remember that your recovery highly depends on you.

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Appendicitis: Causes and Treatment

Since there is no a single answer what causes appendicitis, the treatment is limited to one and only solution: the appendix removal.

It is believed that appendicitis is caused by an infection of stomach that spread onto the appendix. It is also believed that some of the causes may be parasites and bacteria attacking the inside tissue of the appendix. Still there are no enough proofs to any of these claims so each of them remains only an assumption.

What is known is that appendicitis is not transmittable and doesn’t seem to be hereditary illness. It is also known that the appendix becomes inflamed and swollen; due to that the lumen pressure increases which leads to the small vessels thrombosis. The inside appendix walls start dying out and bacteria flows through them causing a rupture of the appendix, which may further lead to severe consequences like septicemia and even death in some cases.

When it comes to treatment, the whole thing is not that simple. The problem is that appendicitis can be only diagnosed after the symptoms had already occurred, so one must act quickly in order to avoid the rapture of the appendix. This actually means that there is only one way to solve the appendix problem: the surgical removal of the appendix as soon as possible.

The appendix surgery itself can be done in two ways depending on your surgeon’s choice.

The first method is to make three, five or six small incisions. The second method is to make just one larger cut. If the appendix is removed in time, there will be no complications for the patient and he will be released from hospital in relatively short time. But if there has been appendix bursting inside the  abdomen, the patient will have to stay hospitalized for a while. In this case the entire procedure will take more time.

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Appendicitis Surgery

Appendicitis is sometimes the only solution to the appendix problem. This surgical procedure can even save your life. Let us explain. Appendicitis can sometimes develop into severe condition, like ruptured appendicitis. This can be deadly if left untreated, so you need to know more about it. People are often scared when it comes to appendicitis surgery. Some of them just do not know enough about it and others are concerned about their life after the surgery. There is no reason to be worried about this. The only thing you should be worried are the appendicitis symptoms. Therefore, if you experience any of the symptoms of appendicitis, including severe pain in your lower abdomen, visit your doctor immediately.

Appendix Removal

Appendix removal is sometimes the only thing your doctor can do to solve your problem. You should not be very sorry about this, however, since appendix is an organ with no obvious function. Even today we are not quite sure about the exact function of appendix. Some doctors make jokes about the function of appendix, saying that its only function is to cause problems in your life. Some experts suggest that appendix should be removed right after a baby is born, believing that this will prevent problems in later life. Now, we know that appendicitis can even cause death. It leads us to conclusion that it is better not to have appendix than to die because of it. Appendix removal doesn’t really affect your life and general health because appendix doesn’t have any important functions. That is why you should not be worried about your life after the surgery.

Appendicitis actually means that your appendix is inflamed. This can result in many complications, especially if left untreated. Appendicitis surgery is called appendectomy. There are two methods: laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery. The difference between these two procedures is in the number of incisions and recovery time. The second one is more advanced, using small incisions. The recovery time is shorter than in the first method. An average recovery time is four to six weeks. During this period the patient is advised to stay in home and reduce physical activity.

Non-surgical treatment of appendicitis is also possible in certain cases. This is done when the patient is not well enough to have a surgery. This kind of treatment usually includes antibiotics. Diet is also very important. It should include foods that are low in fibers.

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