What is prolactin and what is it for?

To begin with, I propose to understand the basics and https://pillintrip.com/medicine/mucosolvan-sirop.

Prolactin is a hormone that is produced in the anterior pituitary gland (adenohypophysis) by special cells – lactotrophs.

Blood sample for prolactin hormone test

It is interesting and important to know that prolactin is also produced by neurons (liquor), lacrimal glands, thymus, sweat glands, mammary glands, spleen, skin (fibroblasts), myometrium, decidua, and bone marrow. But the amount of hormone produced outside the pituitary gland is only a small part of the total production.

In the body, prolactin performs a number of very important functions in relation to various organ systems and metabolic processes:

Initiation and maintenance of lactation
Influence on the functioning of the corpus luteum of the ovary
Progesterone production
Influence on water-salt metabolism (fluid retention, increased excretion of potassium excretion)
Impact on development and growth (anabolic function)
Stimulation of insulin synthesis, lipogenesis, glycolysis, reduced glucose tolerance (metabolic function)
Influence on behavior (conservatism, self-sufficiency, sthenicity): there is evidence of the association of mental disorders with hyperprolactinemia, the prognostic value of this disease in mental pathologies
Relationship with the inflammation process: migration of leukocytes, activation of fibroblasts, etc. (immune function)
Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the level of prolactin in the blood in order to timely identify the cause and begin adequate treatment.

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