Appendicitis in Pregnancy

Here you can read about appendicitis in pregnancy. This is a common problem in pregnant women, so you should learn more about the symptoms, treatment and possible complications. Appendicitis symptoms in pregnancy can sometimes be hard to detect. Pregnancy itself is accompanied by symptoms like nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. As we know, appendicitis is usually accompanied by similar symptoms. However, abdominal pain is different from abdominal discomfort during pregnancy. This pain occurs usually on the right side of the abdomen and gets more intense when you touch the spot.

Appendicitis in Pregnancy: What Are the Symptoms?

As we said, pregnant women often blame pregnancy for most of the problems they face. Nausea and vomiting are known to be common problems in pregnant women, so many of them do not think about other possibilities. Abdominal discomfort is also considered normal during pregnancy. Those are the reasons why appendicitis in pregnancy is diagnosed relatively late.

If left untreated, appendicitis can cause severe problems. There were cases of fatal consequences. The consequences can be fatal not only for the mother, but for the baby as well. Some women have lost their babies due to ruptured appendicitis. This is why it is extremely important to recognize the symptoms in time and start treating this condition. You should check your health regularly. If you are experiencing any kind of unusual symptoms or you are having difficulties during pregnancy, talk to your doctor immediately. Keep in mind that prompt action can save you and your child. If detected in time, appendicitis can be successfully treated.

Pregnant women are usually concerned about the appendix operation during pregnancy. Let us say more about this issue. Doctors agree that it is better to have an operation than to let appendicitis cause further complications. Ruptured appendicitis can cause death of the mother and her child as well. There is no need to compare anything to this possibility, and that brings us to conclusion that appendicitis surgery during pregnancy can be a life-saving option. Many researches have proved this fact.

If you are pregnant, you must be aware that you have to control your health regularly. If you experience any of the symptoms of appendicitis, contact your doctor. He will do all the necessary analysis to determine what the problem is. Never ignore any of the symptoms, especially the pain. Abdominal pain can indicate appendicitis and it should never be ignored.

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