What is Appendicitis

You have probably heard about appendicitis and you must know what the appendix is; here you will find a detailed answer to the question: “What is appendicitis?”

The appendix is a small part of human body which looks like a finger. It is located on the right side of a lower abdomen. What is quite curious about this organ is that even today it is still not well determined what the appendix is actually for. It seems that our body doesn’t even use this organ. Some theories claim that this body part is just a left-over from our ancestors. Some recent researches provide indications that the appendix is needed in our bodies to be a home for bacteria which has an important role in digestion process.

If we put aside these assumptions, it is less important to determine the exact function of this body part; what is more important is to find a way to prevent the problems it may cause and treat them in time. Appendix can (and often does) create serious health problems. Those conditions may even result in death. So keep reading on this issue.

The inflammation of the appendix is a condition known as appendicitis. What happens here is that the appendix turns swollen, painful and quite inflamed. This condition may occur in any group of people no matter how old they are; it can happen to very young kids as well as to old people.

Appendicitis can be diagnosed after the symptoms had occurred. Unfortunately, it seems to be the only way. There is no way to diagnose it before the symptoms occur, which makes it even more difficult and dangerous for the patient. That’s why it is important to react on time as soon as the first symptom occurs. This is another reason why you should learn more about this condition and its symptoms.

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