Appendicitis Surgery

Appendicitis is sometimes the only solution to the appendix problem. This surgical procedure can even save your life. Let us explain. Appendicitis can sometimes develop into severe condition, like ruptured appendicitis. This can be deadly if left untreated, so you need to know more about it. People are often scared when it comes to appendicitis surgery. Some of them just do not know enough about it and others are concerned about their life after the surgery. There is no reason to be worried about this. The only thing you should be worried are the appendicitis symptoms. Therefore, if you experience any of the symptoms of appendicitis, including severe pain in your lower abdomen, visit your doctor immediately.

Appendix Removal

Appendix removal is sometimes the only thing your doctor can do to solve your problem. You should not be very sorry about this, however, since appendix is an organ with no obvious function. Even today we are not quite sure about the exact function of appendix. Some doctors make jokes about the function of appendix, saying that its only function is to cause problems in your life. Some experts suggest that appendix should be removed right after a baby is born, believing that this will prevent problems in later life. Now, we know that appendicitis can even cause death. It leads us to conclusion that it is better not to have appendix than to die because of it. Appendix removal doesn’t really affect your life and general health because appendix doesn’t have any important functions. That is why you should not be worried about your life after the surgery.

Appendicitis actually means that your appendix is inflamed. This can result in many complications, especially if left untreated. Appendicitis surgery is called appendectomy. There are two methods: laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery. The difference between these two procedures is in the number of incisions and recovery time. The second one is more advanced, using small incisions. The recovery time is shorter than in the first method. An average recovery time is four to six weeks. During this period the patient is advised to stay in home and reduce physical activity.

Non-surgical treatment of appendicitis is also possible in certain cases. This is done when the patient is not well enough to have a surgery. This kind of treatment usually includes antibiotics. Diet is also very important. It should include foods that are low in fibers.

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