Appendicitis Recovery

Here you can learn what happens after the appendix removal and all the important facts about appendicitis recovery.

We have already mentioned the two ways of appendix removal procedure. Those two methods differ from each other in the number of incisions made on the patients’ abdomen. The first method involves three to six small incisions while the other one involves only one larger incision. The time that the patient needs to spend in the hospital may vary.

If there was no appendix bursting and the surgery was done without any complications, the patient will go home in short time. But in case there were complications of any kind (especially appendix bursting) the patient would have to stay in the hospital for some time, depending on his condition. Full recovery shouldn’t take longer than five or six weeks. Still there is no rule to this; it all depends on one’s health in general.

After the surgery, the patient will certainly have to make some changes concerning his life style, habits and diet. During this period the patient must rest and must not practice any physical activity whatsoever. Again, the rest is necessary for successful recovery, so the patient has to get enough sleep. If going out for a walk, one should walk slowly and these walks shouldn’t be long. Also, one shouldn’t make any sudden moves, especially when getting up.

One must be extra careful when it comes to hygiene in order to prevent infections. In case of infection, the patient should visit his doctor without delay. Healthy food is strongly recommended so as well balanced water intake. Alcohol and unhealthy/heavy meals must be restricted. One should consult the doctor before making any changes or if having any questions. (If you are feeling well, that doesn’t mean you are ready to go back to your daily routine right away).

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