Appendicitis Recovery Time

Appendicitis recovery time is variable, depending on the person’s general health, his/her age, other problems he/she might have besides the appendix surgery and other relevant factors.

After the surgery the patient will have to spend some time under medical care and follow the instructions of his doctor. It depends on several factors: first, if the problem with appendix was not very complicated, meaning – if there wasn’t appendix bursting before the surgery – the recovery will probably last shorter. If there were other problems before or after the procedure it is understood that the recovery itself will be longer.

Recovery period lasts from one week to six weeks in some cases. Full recovery can be expected after at least four weeks but this can last up to more than six weeks, depending on the patient’s age and general condition.

If you follow the doctor’s instructions, recovery process will be successful and shorter, so you will be able to proceed with normal routine just like before the operation. Of course, there should be certain changes regarding the old habits – it is strongly recommended to eat healthy foods, have enough sleep and live a healthier life in general.

It is important to get some rest during the recovery period. Don’t do anything that requires physical exertions. Your doctor will tell you when the time is right to start walking and how long your walks should be. It also refers to your return to work or school. Be careful when making moves; move slowly and do not forget to support your stomach when you cough, laugh or doing anything that involves any contractions in your abdominal area. You will have to pay attention to your diet. Ask your doctor to tell you about the foods that will help you heal faster. Follow that regime and avoid alcohol. Remember that your recovery highly depends on you.

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