Appendicitis Pain

Appendicitis pain is one of the most severe symptoms of appendicitis. This pain is often intense and one can experience it along with nausea, vomiting and fever. However, pain is always present as a symptom, and you can feel it especially if you touch the spot where your appendix is located. The pain is always present in appendicitis patients, regardless of their age or gender. Sometimes the pain can get so unbearable, that it requires an immediate medical help. If you feel pain that you just cannot stand, call your doctor right away.

Where Is the Pain Located?

Appendicitis pain is located within the area of lower abdomen. In most of the cases, patients feel the pain within the central abdominal area. Patients tend to locate the pain within the central area of the abdomen, but the pain is actually on the right side of lower abdomen. Sometimes this is so painful, that one cannot even tell where exactly it is hurting him. After some time, the pain will probably localize and the patient will be able to tell the exact location of the pain. You can fell the pain is getting stronger if you press the spot.

Appendicitis pain is not the only symptom you can experience. Abdominal discomfort is also likely to occur, so as digestion problems, constipation or diarrhea. Fever is also a common symptom of appendicitis. It can be quite high, like 38 or 39 degrees. However, these symptoms are also seen in other diseases, so do not jump to conclusions! The most certain indicator of appendicitis is – severe pain in your lower abdomen. Sometimes people think that something else is wrong, until they start feeling intense pain, especially when they touch the right side of the lower abdomen. Most people ignore the pain in the beginning. They usually hope that the pain will go away. However, you should never ignore this kind of pain. If you experience anything alike, visit your doctor and see what’s wrong.

If you are having unbearable pain, this can indicate perforation. Perforated appendicitis pain is the worst possible pain you can imagine, so do not wait any longer. Call your doctor right away.

Your doctor will be able to tell whether it is appendicitis or not. He will do the physical examination of your abdomen. Tell your doctor about other symptoms (if there are any).

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