Appendicitis: Causes and Treatment

Since there is no a single answer what causes appendicitis, the treatment is limited to one and only solution: the appendix removal.

It is believed that appendicitis is caused by an infection of stomach that spread onto the appendix. It is also believed that some of the causes may be parasites and bacteria attacking the inside tissue of the appendix. Still there are no enough proofs to any of these claims so each of them remains only an assumption.

What is known is that appendicitis is not transmittable and doesn’t seem to be hereditary illness. It is also known that the appendix becomes inflamed and swollen; due to that the lumen pressure increases which leads to the small vessels thrombosis. The inside appendix walls start dying out and bacteria flows through them causing a rupture of the appendix, which may further lead to severe consequences like septicemia and even death in some cases.

When it comes to treatment, the whole thing is not that simple. The problem is that appendicitis can be only diagnosed after the symptoms had already occurred, so one must act quickly in order to avoid the rapture of the appendix. This actually means that there is only one way to solve the appendix problem: the surgical removal of the appendix as soon as possible.

The appendix surgery itself can be done in two ways depending on your surgeon’s choice.

The first method is to make three, five or six small incisions. The second method is to make just one larger cut. If the appendix is removed in time, there will be no complications for the patient and he will be released from hospital in relatively short time. But if there has been appendix bursting inside the  abdomen, the patient will have to stay hospitalized for a while. In this case the entire procedure will take more time.

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